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The A-Level Programme

The globally-recognized Cambridge Advanced Level qualifications have a two-part syllabus: the AS-Level syllabus, covered in a year-long course; part two of the syllabus, or ‘A2’, covered in a second, year-long course.

This flexible approach enables students to choose between three main options:

• Take all A-Level components in the same examination at the end of a two-year course of study

• Take all A-Level in two parts: the AS qualification in the first year, and the A2 in the second

• Take the AS-Level qualification only, at the end of the one-year course

Maru-a-Pula School recognizes that some students wish to pursue a one-year post-IGCSE course of studies. The AS-Level stands alone as a qualification for entry to university. The normal route is to study four subjects at AS-Level and then drop down to three at A2-Level, although some students continue with their fourth subject. Three is usually the minimum number of A2-Levels required for university, with some universities specifying the need for a fourth A-Level subject.

Subject choices depend on the student’s intentions at the tertiary level. The departments currently offering AS-Level / A2-Level studies are: Accounting, English Language, English Literature, Geography, Computing, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Art & Design, History, Economics and Business Studies.

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