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Farewell Mr Steve Jobson

Mr Steve Jobson, HOD Art

In January 1990, Steve Jobson joined the MaP teaching staff as the Head of the Art Department. This term, after 28 years of service, Mr Jobson leaves MaP to become a lecturer in Egypt. He describes the campus he found in 1990 as “not so different than it is now.” The cafeteria and library were smaller; the French block had not been built; the fields had no grass and there was only one computer room. Over the years, as the school grew, Mr Jobson found himself involved with some of the interior design work. For example, he worked with the Maintenance Department to build the current tables for R1, as well as working on most of the furniture and fittings in the Art Classrooms.

His work as the Head of Art has extended beyond teaching students to include beautifying the school. He designed and painted the mural of Silas Mabonga (former Head of Physical Education) opposite the Basketball Courts, as well as the one outside the cafeteria with his son Owen (’17). He organised numerous shows to showcase student artwork on and off campus. Some notable productions have included the Junk’d Fashion Show in the pool, the Maitisong Festival Outside Exhibitions and the MaP-Rainbow-Westwood Exhibitions. Mr Jobson has also worked with our Drama Department, designing and building sets for school productions. His recent work includes a tribute to Abdul Hoosain (former Head of History) and built-up spaces for student artwork outside the Art classrooms.

Working on the Silas Mabonga mural in 2011, alongside MaP alumnus Bangu Katai (’06)

Mr Jobson’s favourite aspects of our school are how open and tolerant the people, particularly the students, are and the freedom to be oneself.

“One of the beauties of MaP,” says Mr Jobson, “is that there is a close camaraderie amongst the people here. This makes it an enormously comfortable place for people who don’t really fit into society.”

Mr Jobson’s fondest memories of the school will always be the shows he was a part of. His advice to students who are interested in pursuing a career in the arts is, “To be passionate about it. The worthwhile side of the arts has nothing to with finances. There is a beauty in communicating your thoughts that you cannot put a price on.”

Mr Jobson’s impact on our school will be felt for years to come. Every student he has taught can attest to his dedication and brilliance, and every member of the community can appreciate the artwork he leaves behind.

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