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The school will foster the ideals of citizenship, social responsibility and a lasting commitment to service, both by encouraging an understanding of international, national and community issues and by involving the pupils in practical acts of service to the community in which the school is situated. 

excerpt from the original MaP Constitution, 1972

Service at MaP is a hands-on experience of helping people.  For 47 years, MaP has been a world-leader among secondary schools in community service partnerships. From our early days of volunteering in the village of Gabane, we are currently engaging our students’ heads, hearts and hands in over 40 community projects.

MaP students making bricks in Gabane, 1972
MaP students making bricks in Gabane, 1972

Service is the one part of our afternoon programme that is absolutely required at every level, every week, for every student.  There are no exceptions.

Service gives our students the opportunity to leave MaP’s campus to:

  • Teach Mathematics, English reading and Computers to children attending the Tshwaragano, Galaletsang, Gasiko, Gabane and Naledi schools.
  • Care for children at Cheshire Homes, Childline, Camphill, I Am Special School, SOS Children’s Village and the Princess Marina Hospital children’s ward.

MaP students with children at the Cheshire Homes SPE
MaP students with children at the Cheshire Homes SPE

MaP students with children at the Cheshire Homes SPE

  • Feed destitute families at Gabane and Old Naledi. We deliver and serve food — and wash up afterwards! — often raising funds to buy the necessary provisions.

For other students, Service means staying on campus to:

  • Tutor/Mentor students from nearby government schools
  • Help peers with their studies in Maths, French, Accounts and Computers
  • Assist teachers and technicians in the science labs and the library.
  • Plan orientation activities to make new students feel welcome.
  • Recycle waste or join the “Green Team”.
  • Lead & Launch school-wide initiatives through the Student Advisory Council.
  • Take Photographs for our Yearbook.
  • Write articles or take photos for newsletters.

A list of Service activities can be downloaded here.

MaP students performing in Setswana Week
MaP students performing during Setswana Week