Maru-a-pula-2019 Students entering school



Harvard Students at Maru-a-Pula

Every year, MaP students receive tutoring and mentorship from a group of extraordinary Harvard University undergraduates for eight weeks. This unique programme is made possible through the generous sponsorship of Harvard University’s Treasurer, Jim Rothenberg. Each of the Harvard students arrive with five of their favourite books to inspire reading at MaP. They advise on student writing; they assist with Maths classes and tutorials; they help senior students prepare compelling college essays; they edit student journalism and provide instruction in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) preparations. 

The impact of the ‘Harvards’ on our students is wonderful to see. 

Anna Mazur

Anna has worked with students in various capacities: drug & alcohol peer advisor, college SAT mentor, conducted workshops with incarcerated youth in Bolivia, lead a global health seminar for 40 secondary school students in China, and currently works as a Collegevine mentor. She’s a go-getter! She’s interested in helping with SAT-prep, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths), arts & crafts.

Nia Meadows

Nia has a lot of experience mentoring and tutoring. She currently teaches music theory, composition, and vocal training to local secondary school students. She was the only high school student to work for the Harlem Math Institute, teaching math to her peers. She founded the Women of Colour Club. She’s passionate about music and STEM. She’s a member of the LGBTQ community and hopes to be an ally to any student who needs support.

Lerato Takana

Lerato is from Lesotho and went to Waterford in Eswatini. He mentioned coming to MaP for chess tournaments, so he’s already familiar with the school and boarding school life. He was a peer-supporter and Waterford and is part of the Woodbridge International Society on campus at Harvard where he organizes career guidance activities. He hopes to participate in sporting activities, chess, and assist with college mentoring.

Char Deslandes

Char serves as a peer research fellow – teaching Freshmen how to feel comfortable using the library. She was also a mentor at the Sutton Trust US Programme as a college mentor. She’s VP of the Harvard Carribbean Club and Social Chair of the Harvard College British Club. She’s incredibly personable! Interested in SAT-prep, college mentorship, English Literature, Model-UN, and youth confidence building.

Ayana Gray

Ayana was a camp instructor and attended a gymnastic academy. She taught daily curriculum for 25 children ages 6-12 in math, reading, and writing. She was the captain of her swim team in high school. She also has experience with mental health mentoring through HOSA. She’s interested in sports and music. She’s very approachable and is always smiling.