Gabane Teaching Service students

In 2018, our students continued to put in the mandatory hour of Service per week for a minimum of eight weeks each term. With the school population now at over 700, the total contribution by our students, if measured by the hours, is quite immense.

Teaching Services: Maoka JSS became a partner school this year. In total, seven schools around Gaborone were visited regularly by groups of our students as part of the Teaching Services.

Community Art: this service restored wall paintings at the nearby Gaborone Game Reserve during the second term.

Brooks Exchange Student Taylor Berberian names a tree in Jwana Park

Wildlife Habitat Service: this group carried out a tree-labelling exercise at the Jwana Game Reserve in Jwaneng.

Physicals (non-competitive)

Rowing: this is now an established activity at MaP, thanks to the Gaborone Dam remaining full the whole year and because of the hard work of Josh and Caitlyn Field who do the coaching. Our rowers will be ready for their first ever regatta in 2019!

Cycling: this activity has grown and a dedicated group has formed which will soon be able to take part in cycling events held around Gaborone.


Debate: this was the star activity as far as Enrichments go in 2018. A vibrant debate team was formed which went on to win the National Championships, as well as to spawn Moot Court participants who were equally successful.

Creative Borders Showcase – “Looking for Courage” skit

Yoga: this eastern discipline enjoyed a revival this year and now takes place twice a week due to high demand.

Stitch: this Sewing Club where students learn how to make small items is now more popular than ever, after struggling in previous years. Numbers have increased and many members have shown commitment to the club.

Creative Borders (formerly Juilliard): in June, the dance and acting extravaganza that is Creative Borders returned to MaP. It is safe to say that students who took part in the Creative Borders programme will never forget it. Two shows were staged at the end of a whirlwind month of rehearsals and the standard was, once again, stunningly spectacular in every sense.