Why Give Back?

Why Give Back?

This is often the question that we are asked. Did you know that school fees cover the operational costs of the school and do not fund extra programmes that the school has in place? Although we do set aside some funds, we also rely on donations and sponsorships to help meet our capital development needs.

As an alumna or alumnus, you have contributed to the legacy of this school. You are the academic results, you embody the tradition to service that is so engrained in the school’s identity and you represent the milestones in sports and the achievements in the Arts. Your achievements at Maru-a-Pula laid the foundation for the future successes of your life. Whilst you were growing, learning and succeeding, there were individuals who contributed to your success.

Fisto Busy, MaP OVC, 2012

Fisto Busy, MaP OVC, 2012


Giving back means giving to the community that shaped you so that others may have the opportunities you had. Scroll down to see the different ways you can make a donation. make a donation by clicking the button below; please also scroll down to see how UK residents can donate.


What are you supporting?

Orphan and Vulnerable Children Scholarships :

The Deane Yates fund supports the Orphan and Vulnerable Children Scholarship programme at MaP. Since its inception, MaP has been committed to providing quality education for the students of Botswana. Despite their economic status, MaP has made sure that the deserving students of Botswana are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment that provides academic, physical and emotional enrichment and education.

Archie Mogwe Bursary Fund :

The Archie Mogwe Bursary Fund was established in 2010, honouring MaP parent, grandparent and longest serving School Council member, the Hon. Archibald Mogwe. The fund provides partial scholarships to families wishing to send their children to MaP.

Capital Development Programme (CDP) :

As a non-profit-making entity, Maru-a-Pula School uses the majority of its income from school fees to cover its operational costs such as water and power bills, staff salaries and routine maintenance needs. Although we do set aside some funds, we also rely on donations and sponsorships to help meet our capital development needs. Recently we have, through our capital budget, built a new French block consisting of two classrooms and also an ablution block next to the sports fields and ball courts. With the aid of a corporate sponsor we have erected a new Library Centre, an annex to the existing library, which includes two state-of-the-art seminar rooms equipped with computer stations, projectors and screens.

There is considerable need to upgrade other facilities on campus to improve the educational experience offered to MaP students and ensure that the school remains abreast of the technological advances to which its graduates will be exposed upon leaving the institution.

Alumni Mentor Program :

The alumni office and the career and college counselling office would like you to volunteer to participate in a programme in which you will be a mentor to our form 5 and form 6 students. MaP alumni have attended universities in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Australia. Alumni are working in the field of politics, engineering, education, social work, retail, banking and so much more. We would like our students to make the most informed choices regarding their future and we feel that our alumni are the best source for them.

What are the aims?

• To guide current Maru-a-Pula students in making their university and career choices by giving them information provided by alumni who are willing to share their experiences

• To give our students the opportunity to experience the working world

• To foster lasting relationships for both our alumni and our students


American Friends of Maru-a-Pula, Inc., or AFMAP, serves as a support organization for MAP in this country. American “friends” include past MaP teachers, students, former workers in Botswana and others interested in encouraging fine education in southern Africa.

AFMAP was founded in 1978 by the late Edward T. Hall. After a distinguished career in education in this country, he taught for several terms at Maru-a-Pula at the invitation of Deane Yates. When he returned to the U.S., he conceived the idea of an American organization to promote the school here.

AFMAP raises funds for scholarships or other special school needs, primarily through its annual appeal. In 2004, this appeal was specifically focused on providing scholarship support for AIDS orphans attending Maru-a-Pula. Between 1979 and 1991, AFMAP was the liason for $1,545,000 in grants to MaP received from American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA), a subsidiary of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The grants enabled the school to build its library, classrooms, science laboratories, audiovisual center, computer laboratory, and faculty housing. In 1985 ASHA provided matching funds to build Maitisong, the only performing arts center in Botswana, which is used extensively by the school and community.

AFMAP provides support to a growing network of Maru-a-Pula alumni/ae living in the United States. These alumni/ae have access to MAP alumni and Directors working in or living near universities and colleges in the northeast United States.

AFMAP organizes visits to the U.S. for the MAP Principal and staff members to meet with current and potential donors and to visit American schools. We assist where possible to promote Maru-a-Pula to U.S. college admissions offices.

The Board of Directors, the governing body of AFMAP, meets twice a year. We provide support for the Maru-a-Pula exchange students attending the Taft School, Hill School, Deerfield Academy, Hotchkiss School, Menlo School, and Catlin Gabel School. AFMAP also facilitates communication with and among the many Maru-a-Pula graduates studying in this country. The Directors are former teachers or other Americans who have lived, worked or visited Botswana and know the school.

AFMAP is registered as a 501c(3) organization, with pending status as a public charity. AFMAP is governed by a Board of Directors that meets twice annually. Officer positions include a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Each year, one Director represents AFMAP as a voting member of the MaP Council.


Richard Kassissieh (Treasurer)
3835 NE 86th St
Seattle, WA  98115
Contact Number: 206 419-1541


Ernest Kwarteng ’96, President
Wendy Davies, Vice President
Shrevie Shepherd, Vice President
Richard Kassissieh, Treasurer
Pete Vernon, Secretary
Kabo Botlhole ’96
Jonathan Gyurko
David H. Matthews, Honorary
Malcolm McKenzie, Honorary
Bruce Nkala
Tebogo K. Phiri ’91
Antoinette Quarshie
Portia Siwawa ’93
Philip F. Smith
Sue Heywood
Andrew S. Taylor, Principal

The UK MaP Trust

The UK MaP Trust is registered with the UK Charities Commission. In 2010 a group of ex-MaP teachers became trustees of the Trust with the aim of raising funds for Maru-a-Pula’s OVC fund within the UK. The Maru-a-Pula Trust also aims to support to a growing network of MaP alumni/ae living in the UK.Donations can made online through our ‘Mydonate’ link here or by sending a cheque to the following address :

Mr Jeremy Long
Maru-a-Pula Trust16 Walnut Tree Way
Kent DA13 0EH, UK