Plant of the Month: Blue Water Lily

Tswii growing in the Memorial Garden

The Blue Water Lily is a special, aquatic plant which naturally grows in perennial rivers in the North West part of the country.

Scientifically, the plant is called Nymphaea Nouchali but to locals, it is known as Tswii.

Tswii is a food staple for several people. According to Mr Edson Baoteng, a member of MaP’s Maintenance Department who is originally from the North West part of the country, the plant is most delicious when cooked/mixed with fish or red meat but it can be cooked separately.

When harvesting the plant, one has to be prepared to search at least a meter deep in the river, which is, at times, dominated by crocodiles or hippos.

On campus, the plant is peacefully growing in the Memorial Garden, where it’s beauty can be appreciated without any fear of crocodiles and hippos. Unfortunately, the harvest of the plant is prohibited. We only have one planet earth, so its conservation should not be compromised in any way.

~ Diphetogo Menyatso