• In sub-Saharan Africa, one in every six children is an orphan.

• In Botswana, one in every five children is an orphan.

Africa’s orphans – typically lacking good secondary schooling – only rarely gain places at universities, let alone the world’s best universities.

• Botswana’s greatness as a nation – indeed Maru-a-Pula’s greatness as a school – will be measured by the opportunities it provides to the most vulnerable.

• Africa needs leaders whose voices are informed by both a rigorous education and tempered by personal experience.

• We believe that students who have endured the most profound hardships will emerge as the most passionate advocates of change.


• To provide Maru-a-Pula (MaP) orphan scholars with full tuition, boarding facilities, books, stationery, pocket money, travel documents, all necessary medical and dental care, all clothing needs including sportswear, and most importantly, committed pastoral care.

• Botswana’s Vision 2036 plan calls for a nation that is educated and informed, and compassionate, just and caring. To help meet this goal – and to honour the school’s 40th anniversary – Maru-a-Pula supports 20 OVC Scholars in 2019.


• We have 20 Orphan scholars currently enrolled at MaP.

• MaP’s initiative began in 2005 with two OVC scholarships; this grew to 11 in 2006. Since 2007, there have been at least 20 OVC Scholars annually. 

• Donations for OVC scholars come from the American Friends of Maru-a-Pula, the UK MaP Trust, local businesses and MaP alumni. 

• MaP’s OVCs have attended and graduated from prestigious American colleges and universities such as Columbia, MIT, Princeton, Smith, Stanford and Williams. One of our scholars has just finished his Freshman fall at UPenn, while another completed her first semester at the UC Davis School of Medicine.


• Maru-a-Pula’s 2019 annual fees are P86,400 ($8,358) for tuition and P65,100 ($6,297) for boarding. This is well below the cost of similar quality schools in the southern Africa region.

• Each gift made to the Orphan and Vulnerable Children’s Scholarship Fund supports the needs of Maru-a-Pula’s orphan scholars.

• P220 ($21) provides an orphan with a thesaurus and a dictionary

• P750 ($73) provides an orphan with a term’s pocket money

• P7,233 ($700) provides an orphan with room and board for a week

• P5,652 ($547) covers the cost of an orphan’s annual medical coverage

• P9,600 ($929) provides an orphan with a month’s tuition

• P28,800 ($2,786) provides an orphan’s tuition fees for a full term

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