MaP Students Make Top 100 In SA Maths Olympiad

Congratulations to Milit Ranjith (2J), Joel Binu (L6K), and Wen Zhang (L6K), who, earlier this year, participated in the South African Maths Olympiad and placed in the Top 100. Milit, who participated in the Junior Division, ranked at 22 while Joel and Wen, who were in the Senior Division, tied at position 25.

The trio entered the three-round competition in March 2017 with 100,000 other students, earning at least 50% to proceed to the second round. Their scores in the second round earned them a place in the Top 100 to write the final paper to determine their ranking.

According to their website, ”the South African Mathematics Olympiad¬†is the biggest Olympiad in the country.” It develops students’ creative problem-solving skills, which, in the global environment we live, is becoming an increasingly sought-after skill.