Wayne’s Acceptance to Stanford University

Wayne Chinganga

Wayne Chinganga arrived at MaP in January 2018 to join the Lower 6th Form. He could never have imagined the opportunities that lay ahead, let alone an acceptance letter from Stanford University, California, USA. Stanford is ranked second in the world, according to the QS Global Universities’ World Ranking. 

Wayne’s parents: Daniel Chinganga and Regina Matava

Being at MaP was a defining time in Wayne’s education as it encouraged healthy competition, which in turn pushed him to work harder. He got a great deal of help along the way, especially from Ms Jobson: our former Director of Careers & College Counselling, who guided Wayne through the application process. Science teachers, Mr Noble and Mr Wanda wrote strong recommendation letters; the visiting Harvard students gave him advice; the Teachers’ Aids helped with looking over his essays (he wrote a whopping 11) and he even had help from his peers in the boarding house.

Perhaps the most important support Wayne received was from his own parents. While in the boarding house, he would talk to his father every day. Wayne says his dad was a great help to him when he applied to both MaP and Stanford.

Applying to university is difficult, so Wayne’s advice is to be up for the challenge, do your research, work hard, be consistent and give it your all. For students who want to come to MaP, he encourages them to work hard, be sociable and, once here, consider doing a service like Naledi Teaching, where you can help other students and see their progress.

This new adventure will be Wayne’s first plane trip and journey abroad. What we can learn from him is that everyone’s dreams and aspirations are valid; be brave and never give up!