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Farewell Ms Tosefsky

Ms Tosefsky, May 1995

In May 1995, Ms Lynda Tosefsky joined the MaP community as the Principal’s Secretary and found what she describes as “a happy atmosphere with happy children.” Today, Ms Tosefsky is also our Admissions Officer, a role she gradually took up over the years. With more than two decades at MaP, she has served under five principals, seen the school population almost double and watched the campus grow into what it is today.

“The grounds were nothing like they are now. There was no grass on the fields. There certainly wasn’t a green patch and the gardens were much sparser than they are now,” says Ms Tosefsky.

One development particularly close to her heart has been the school’s scholarship programme, which she has been involved with since it started. Over the years, she has continued her involvement in the programme and has made it a point to keep in touch with its recipients. Her fondest memories are of the students and the staff members she has worked with, some of whom are now her good friends.

Ms Tosefsky, March 2019

Ms Tosefsky: “One day, a standard seven student walked into the front office and told us that her parents couldn’t afford the school fees so she wanted to apply for a bursary. She got the scholarship and even though she was scared of me at first, we are very close now; I even got to be part of her traditional wedding.”

Ms Tosefsky considers herself lucky to have been a part of our community and truly cherishes the time she has spent here. She has kept a record of her time here in pictures, from former students to awards and special occasions and even staff members and their families. She believes one of the things the school is very good at is attracting and retaining staff saying, “Once you are at MaP, it’s very hard to leave.”

Ms Tosefsky will be returning to Hermanus in South Africa, where she grew up. She plans to continue taking life “one day at a time” until she has settled in. She advises the MaP community to remember to “appreciate how lucky they are to be here.” She will be missed by students, parents and staff members alike.

To send a farewell message to Ms Tosefsky email alumni@marupula.org.

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