Farewell Ms Julia Metzger

Ms Julia Metzger

This week, the MaP community bids farewell to Princeton in Africa Fellow Ms Julia Metzger, who joined us a year ago as a teacher in the Maths department. In her time here, Ms Metzger made a true impact on her students, as described by Sekani Fichani (2M) below:

”We just want to say thank you. You have been a source of inspiration and motivation. Working under your leadership was the most fulfilling moment of my life. I started liking Math because I was getting good at it. I remember the first time I went home with an overall A on my blue card. I showed my dad because I was so excited and just over the moon. Because he knew that I was not that good with numbers my dad was like, ‘ARE YOU SURE THIS IS YOUR BLUE CARD?’

I said, ‘Of course it is mine!’

“Are you sure Ms Metzger didn’t switch your card or something?”

That was the last time my dad said that because he got used to me bringing As in my blue card. For that, I thank you. Because of your teaching methods, I got to enjoy playing around with numbers. In my whole 11 years of school (including pre-school), I have never seen brownies used to teach, let alone Oros. You used Oros to make us understand Math. From then on, I don’t look at Oros as just a beverage, I look at it as a teaching aid.

You should know that we respect you a lot because you are so smart and a very nice person. You treated us with respect also. I somehow know that you are going to go on to be a professor at one of the Ivy League universities so I will be in your class again when you are Professor Julia Metzger. I wish you endless happiness and love.

Goodbye to a great mentor!”